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Tesla Model 3 Month … When Your Model 3 Arrives … Electric Range Record (Top 20 CleanTechnica Stories of the Week)

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The top CleanTechnica stories of the past week, in case you missed them:

  1. Tesla Model 3 Month Is Here — still hot
  2. When Will Your Tesla Model 3 Be Delivered? Ben Sullins May Know.
  3. Trump Administration May Remove Rule Forcing Electric Vehicles To Emit Noise At Low Speeds, + Rear-View Mirror Requirements
  4. The Important Lesson From Record 560 Miles In A Tesla Model S P100D
  5. $293,000 Porsche 2-Seater Can’t Beat $140,000 5-Seat Tesla Model S To 60 MPH — still hot
  6. Larsen C Ice Shelf Rift Approaching Its End, Outer Edge Moving Away From Ice Shelf At Speed Of 33 Feet Per Day
  7. Panasonic HIT Solar Panel Sets New Record For High Temperature Efficiency
  8. 1st Real Drive With Tesla Autopilot (Including A Few “Warning Shots”) — CleanTechnica review
  9. Where Tesla Autopilot Truly Shines — CleanTechnica review
  10. Electric Car Market Up 27% In Europe — CleanTechnica report
  11. Life With The Chevy Bolt — The First 1,200 Miles — CleanTechnica review
  12. Top Misconceptions of Non-EV Drivers — CleanTechnica report
  13. Urban Populo Has A Sub-$1,000 E-Bike Winner
  14. Electric Big Phat Scooter Offers Versatility & Oomph
  15. Utility Spends $7.5 Billion To Prove Clean Coal Is A Cruel Hoax
  16. Air Pollution & Dust Cuts Solar Cell Energy Output By Over 25% In Some Parts Of The World, Study Finds
  17. Norway’s Transition To Electric Vehicles Will Take Several Decades Even In “Optimistic” Scenarios, Study Finds
  18. SolarCoin Is A Cryptocurrency Earned By Generating Solar Electricity
  19. US Coal Mining Up By 19% In 2017 — Is Trump Fulfilling His Campaign Promise?
  20. The Kiwano K01 Electric Unicycle Shrinks The Last Mile To One Wheel

Fun stuff! Except for #6, #16, #17 if true, and #19.

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