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CleanTechnica Solar & EV Events (Location Poll)

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CT EventsWe are planning to implement some fun and useful solar and electric car events + workshops in the coming year. To better narrow down locations to launch these, I wanted to get feedback from readers. Please take ~30 seconds to look at the poll linked at the bottom and complete it (click “Done” at the end to complete the poll).

Renewable Cities communicating renewable energy workshop

Image of Zachary Shahan leading a “Communicating Cleantech” workshop, courtesy Renewable Cities.

If you don’t implicitly trust us and need a little more info to complete the poll, here’s an initial summary:

The events will aim to be fun and generally interesting, but they will also be focused on stimulating and enabling greater adoption of electric cars, solar power, and energy efficiency solutions on the personal level, on the city level, and perhaps even on the state level in some cases.

Some events will be focused more on electric cars, and some more on solar power.

These will likely be 1-day events, with an optional opening evening of entertainment the night before.

Prices will be nominal — aimed at attracting common individuals interested in the topic rather than just industry professionals.

Timing is far from being nailed down, so just assume the timing works for you.

There will be:

  • broad presentations that should be interesting to anyone
  • side tracks that allow people to attend either “101” summaries, technical deep dives, or entrepreneurial support presentations
  • focused workshops involving participants
  • panel discussions
  • EV test drives

Complete the 2-question poll here or here:

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Make sure you clicked “Done” at the end!

And thanks for completing the survey.

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is tryin' to help society help itself (and other species) with the power of the typed word. He spends most of his time here on CleanTechnica as its director and chief editor, but he's also the president of Important Media and the director/founder of EV Obsession, Solar Love, and Bikocity. Zach is recognized globally as a solar energy, electric car, and energy storage expert. Zach has long-term investments in TSLA, FSLR, SPWR, SEDG, & ABB — after years of covering solar and EVs, he simply has a lot of faith in these particular companies and feels like they are good cleantech companies to invest in.

  • s F YOU University

    How’s the poll results coming along?

    • Solar:

    • EV:

      • s F YOU University

        Wow, thanks for that! Bay Area/Silicon Valley and LA are basically like preaching to the choir though. I really think you should go to BC, lots of Canadians benefit from low electricity rates due to hydro and therefore huge implications on the knowledge of solar and EV needed.

  • Yes, I did. Will add it.

  • Come to Bergen in Norway pls 🙂

  • omar

    Africa not yet in the list?

  • WarsawwasraW

    I suggest adding Nashville, TN to the mix in the future. The Leaf for the North American market is built 45 minutes from here, along with Nissan’s North American Offices. There is definitely interest in solar, though quite a few are oblivious to efficiency. Google Fiber is days from providing service and we’re already starting to get tech spillover from Silicon valley. I think this city is a good candidate. There are also plenty of good non-country musicians to provide entertainment!

  • Doug Kettles

    Hey Zack…you forgot Cocoa! 🙂

    • Doug

      And forgive my misspelling your name!

    • I intend to be back for your event. 😀

  • exdent11

    Zach, Considering the outrageous ruling on rooftop solar in Nevada, could you support a boycott of Nevada by all organizations that care about supporting clean energy ? Perhaps some economic pressure could force a reconsideration ; this ruling could have dire consequences around the country if left in place.

  • Martin

    Cool list, I live in BC and wish our proving “would get with the program” getting us off FF and onto RE, they say they are trying but there is too much money in the way (as in being made by only some people) and not looking out for the rest of us.

  • Andy

    No love for Boston? Sadness!

    • Uh oh… 😛

      Thought Bostonites could swing down to NYC or Philly 😛

  • Riely Rumfort


  • Charlotte Omoto

    Seems like there are many cities that already has a relatively high penetration of solar and EV, and that would be good for first iteration, but I think in the future including cities in which there isn’t a high EV ownership and solar might be more effective in spreading the word.

    • Good point. I was mostly concerned about being able to line up participants in areas where cleantech awareness is low. But who knows?…

  • neroden

    I’m just too far from any of these cities.

    • Utica? Yeah… pretty far. I thought about including Albany on the poll. Would that work for you?

      • neroden

        I think maybe Martin’s idea of making literature and materials available online would be the most useful

  • Erin

    Interesting that Sarasota/Tampa are on the top of the list. I’m from there, would love to get my parents on to EVs/solar, considering I’m working on an EV startup for my Master’s thesis project!

    • I’m from Sarasota 😀 Currently living in Europe, but planning to be back in Sarasota. Would be great to meet up while there, at one of these events or beforehand.

    • terre

      I live in Tampa and have struggled to find reputable solar installers- even had to pass on a $20k rebate from Teco when one asked to WIRE the money to offshore account!

  • hybridbear

    Minneapolis isn’t on the list 🙁

    • Hmm. Indeed. Will probably add it in a future poll.

      • Otis11

        Houston or Dallas would also be much appreciated! (Working on a few people in each city that I could bring. Though, hopefully I’ll have sold them on it before then! I’d still enjoy it though!)

        • Michael Torres

          Dallas here.

        • I was thinking about Dallas (and Houston too, but not very interested in going there). Will tentatively add Dallas to the tour. 😀

          • Michael Torres

            Don’t blame you on Houston!

          • I think bringing anything clean energy to Houston is a good idea. The home of big oil, the largest obstacle to clean energy, should be hearing from us.

    • Zach, you are missing Las Vegas: great live music, green community, EV club, diverse accommodations including 4,000 CouchSurfing hosts where visitors can stay for free. Beautiful Red Rock Canyon nearby. The city is partly run by hydro from the Hoover Dam. Strong vegan community with 7 vegan restaurants plus 2 juice bars. Many people love to visit here.

  • Bob Vittengl

    Zachary , you should put Rutland Vt on the list to hold Solar event, folks could actually see a community solar garden , a pv solar tracking farm , and a 2mw solar farm on landfill with battery storage and microgrids with high school all located around one traffic light in town with a McDonalds smack dab in the middle. Green Mountain Power has transformed Rutland into the solar capital , and yes Electric vehicles and charging stations are popping up everywhere .
    The Green Mountain Power innovation center downtown is a great place to see all of these innovations , and I forgot to mention they are getting the first Tesla power walls in Nation 🙂

    • Sounds cool. At least sounds like a good trip for me to make. 😀

      • Knetter

        At least one option for the northeast….

  • Martin

    Question Zach:

    If one wanted to such an event in the place where you live,
    could you get info/materials fro you/cleantechnica?

    BTW, just finished reading “Unprecedented” and in the book there are a number of reference to cleantechnica articles and their writers! I really like that! :))

    • Martin

      In that book there are some examples, statements that a lot of change can be done at the local, community levels.
      One quote:
      A pool of water starts with many drops.

      • Martin

        Off topic:

        Just wanted to wish everybody a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, whatever all the people visiting this site believe in.
        Wishing all to be with family and friends. 🙂

    • 1) Sounds like something we could do to some degree. Where do you live? Or are you just thinking generally.

      2) Awesome. 😀 Cool to hear. Nice to find out that our obsessive coverage over several years trickles into books, presentations, etc.

      • Martin

        I live in northern BC, Canada, about a 14 h drive north of Vancouver , BC or about a 2 h flight.
        And yes even some relatives call me obsessed when it come to getting the world off FF and to a CO 2 neutral/free planet!
        I have written letter to the ed, have been featured in the local paper, for my effort to go carbon neutral, and have done presentation to local governments.

        • OK, cool. Yeah, that’s probably too far north for us, but we’ll see. In any case, though, the idea of sharing materials sounds great. Hadn’t thought of that.

          • Martin

            I did get the idea of sharing info/materials when I read up on the group who had done presentations to local councils for getting them to add warning stickers on fuel pumps.
            They have info and materials that can be downloaded from their site, mostly for free.
            And after finishing the book “Unprecendented” I find myself even more committed to help convince people to drop FF.

          • Ah, yeah, forgot about that. It’s really a great idea.

            Your suggestion/request also me think of the Climate Reality Project.

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